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What we do - Our activities


1. Distribution of information and its communication


Creation of specific databases
Transformation of information into more convenient form
Targeted communication to public by means of media, individual sessions etc.

2. Initiative, management, and education


Conditions and criteria of grant schemes
Situation analysis
Process of strategic change
Development and management of projects
Preparation of business plans
Management and communication skills
Creation of partnerships

Target groups- elected representatives of local government (members of local councils, mayors), administrative staff of cities, organizations, companies, future users of grant schemes, trainers, consultants, facilitators.


3. Counseling and consultations


Applicability of project goals and objectives into granting schemes of the European funds
Preparation of developing programs and projects
Preparation, management and implementation of projects
Financial acquisition and financial management of projects
Elaboration of feasibility studies and technical-economic studies
External experts database

4. Creation of partnerships


Identification of potential for regional and international cooperation
Initiation and facilitation of cooperation among institutions, public administration and businesses
Cooperation in developing of social-economic plans for sub- regions in consideration of national and regional plans.


5. Analysis and surveys


Analysis of new trends and alternatives of development
Preparation of alternatives for development in different fields of interest
Cooperation on regional innovation strategy.

6. Monitoring and evaluation


Monitoring of national and regional projects for The Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, and The Ministry of Economy, and for the Košice Self-governing Region, as well as for the other foreign and national clients
Evaluation of the impact of the other foreign and Slovak projects.


7. Implementation of projects

Implementation of projects and activities designed by the Agency
Implementation of projects designed by the Košice self-governing region
Coordination of implementation of major international projects.