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New project aimed to museum exposition inovations has started

Name of the project - SMART MUSEUM Programme: ENI Hungary - Slovakia - Romania - Ukraine Cross border programme


Studying history has to be an exciting fun filled experience! Conventional “dusty” exhibitions – it is the past, SMART museums is the future of the historical/cultural heritage. Nowadays, to attract & keep the sophisticated tourist a museum has to offer something unique & exciting, to do it in an interactive form as well as to inform the target groups through efficient marketing tools. 
However, on this path museums of the region (HU, SK, UA) face major problems:
• Technical state of national historic landmarks in UA – CASTLE PALANOK in Mukachevo (in SK & HU situation is better as they were renovated under national programmes)
• Historic/cultural sites lack tools & attractions to increase tourist flows, e.g. IT based products
• Poor marketing of historic/cultural sites
The Project contributes to forming of a CB professional community (network) of smart museums presenting historical/cultural heritage in an interactive exciting form, which use the CBC platform for sharing professional knowledge & experience in digital solutions for museum, initiating joint projects, mutual promotion of the partner museums.
Expected results:
• Palanok Castle renovated & preserved
• 5 historical/cultural sites offer SMART solutions in presenting cultural & historical heritage
• interactive tourist attractions based on smart technologies developed at the target historical sites
• exhibits of the targeted museums digitized & presented in the I-net
• museum staff trained in HU, SK & UA
• population of HU, SK & UA informed on new tourist products of the target museums 
• CBC arranged for mutual promotion of the historical/cultural sites
Innovative approach: 6 museums in 3 states applying different digital solutions & methods (SMART museums) to present & give new life to cultural/historical heritage; forming a CBC network they’re able to share info & experience, to initiate projects after the project ends & secure mutual promotion for each other through media tools on their sites.