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What to do with climate change?

Adaptation to climate change

Climate change is a serious problem bringing warming, extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, longer and more intense droughts, stronger and more violent storms, and so on. The future course and the true extent of climate change are not exactly predictable.

Signs of climate change in Slovakia

  • the average annual temperature is 2 to 4 ° C
  • fewer frost days (a decrease of up to 14 days a year)
  • more summer days (with a temperature above 25 ° C) and tropical days (above 30 ° C)
  • more frequent periods of drought in summer, in the lowlands, a more significant decrease in the amount of precipitation (by 15%)
  • more frequent occurrence of torrential rains (in some parts by 30%) less snow, in some parts up to 15% more frequent thunderstorms and strong winds

Watch a series of short videos where complex topics are presented easily and clearly. We believe that they will be appealing to younger age categories as well.

Climate change: What to do with that?

The introductory video briefly indicates the issue of climate change, but mainly the need for activity.

How to lower down the temperature?

Compared to the countryside, the city is from 3 to 6 °C warmer and even 12 °C warmer at night. This is due to overheating dark roofs, huge areas of concrete and asphalt. How can we reduce the temperature in the city?

Rain water

Rainwater is a waste we pay for in some cities.
There will be less and less water, so it is worth thinking about how to use water rationally.

A water in the forest

A man intensively destroys one’s country (even the forested one) and even though one often does not realize it.
Will it often return to us, for example in the form of flash floods? Is there a way to solve it?

Unnecessary waste

What is the relationship between waste and greenhouse gas emissions? Is it possible to reduce the amount of energy consumed by making the right shopping decisions?

How to save energy?

Energy co-causes climate change, but climate change also has a significant impact on energy. Why is it necessary to save energy and how can the interior of buildings not only be efficiently heated but also cooled?

The project with the acronym OSA, also called Let’s Protect With Adaptation, aims to bring climate change closer as a real problem that concerns us all. It informs the public in various forms about the negative effects of climate change, as well as to prepare the population to face the adverse effects of climate change.

You can also find us on the instagram under the name @arr_ke.