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1. Information and communication of information

Creating purpose-built databases

Transformation of information into a user-friendly form

Targeted communication with the public through the media, personal meetings, etc.

2. Initiation, management and delivery of education in the following areas

Conditions and criteria of grant schemes

Situation analysis

The process of strategic change

Creation and management of projects

Preparation of business plans

Managerial and communication skills

Creating partnerships

Target groups - elected representatives of local government (deputies, mayors), employees of municipal and municipal authorities, organizations, businesses, future users of grant schemes, coaches, consultants, facilitators.

3. Advice and consultation

Appropriateness of including project intentions and projects in support schemes of European funds

Preparation of development plans and programs

Preparation, management and implementation of projects

Possibilities of obtaining resources and financial management of projects

Elaboration of feasibility studies and technical and economic studies

Selection of external experts and partners

4. Creating partnerships

Identifying the potential for regional and cross – border cooperation

Initiating and facilitating cooperation between institutions, public administration, entrepreneurs, etc.

Cooperation in the elaboration of socio-economic plans of subregions in relation to national and regional plans

5. Analyzes and surveys

Analysis of development trends and development alternatives

Preparation of development alternatives in various areas

Cooperation on regional innovation strategy

6. Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring of national and regional projects for the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development, the Ministry of Economy, the Košice self-governing region, as well as for other national and foreign clients

Evaluation of the impact of various Slovak and foreign programs and projects

7. Implementation of projects

Implementation of Agency projects and activities

Implementation of projects of the Košice self-governing region

Coordination of the implementation of larger international projects