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Cross-border knowledge bridge in the field of renewable energy sources ...


Energy sources have long been and continue to be the engine of sustainability and the development of human society. The predictions of scientists and economists about the time of human use of these resources are constantly changing and refined, but it is clear that in the near or distant but concrete future, these resources will be depleted. Despite recent discoveries and constantly evolving technologies, we are currently not sufficiently prepared to use so-called alternative energy sources.

The main objective of the project is therefore to support the development of new innovative cross-border, research-driven clusters in the field of renewable energy sources and by bringing together research institutions, entrepreneurs and regional authorities to increase capacity and strengthen the research potential of two cross-border and converging regions (Košice self-governing region in Slovakia and Abaúj-Zemplén County in Hungary).

Project description:

Cross-border knowledge bridge for a cluster in the field of renewable energy sources in the territory of Northern Hungary and Eastern Slovakia.

Specific project objectives:

  • In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the regional economy through research and technology development activities in the field of RES in a cross-border context, developing a Joint Action Plan (SAP) for a cross-border research-driven cluster;
  • Promoting cross-border cooperation and increase the overall capacity of regional actors in Northern Hungary and Eastern Slovakia by stepping up scientific and technology-based development in a cross-border context;
  • Maximizing the benefits of research infrastructures for cross-border and regional economic development;
  • Improving links and step up joint partnerships between regional authorities, research institutions and businesses in national and European initiatives in both border regions;
  • Supporting the development of specific objectives for regional and cross-border science and technology development policies;
  • Leveraging synergies between regional, national and European research and economic development programs in a cross-border environment and maximize the potential for successful involvement of regional actors in European research projects;
  • Improving the international, cross-border and interregional mutual learning of regional actors in the development of research-driven clusters;
  • Enabling mentoring of more experienced partners for regions with a less developed research profile through the mutual exchange of experiences and best practices;
  • Promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions in both border regions

Project partners:

  • 01 Košický samosprávny kraj  (líder konzorcia)
  • 02 Technická univerzita  Košice
  • 03 Agentúra na podporu regionálneho rozvoja Košice, n.o.
  • 04 Východoslovenská energetika a.s.
  • 05 Solarklima, spol. s r.o.
  • 06 NORDA, severomaďarská rozvojová agentúra
  • 07 Miskolc Holding Zrt.
  • 08 Univerzita Miskolc
  • 09 ENIN Ltd.
  • 10 Nagy-ferenczi Ltd.
  • 11 Envirolink Northwest  Ltd.
  • 12 CARTIF
  • 13 ZTSVVU

Project duration:

March 2011 – February 2013


The KNOWBRIDGE project is implemented through 9 work packages (WP):

WP1. Project management
WP2. Preparation of methodologies
WP3. Analysis and integration of research results for a cross-border cluster
WP4. Benchmarking and transfer of best practices
WP5. Draft Joint Action Plan
WP6. Preparation of business plans
WP7. Mentoring and mutual learning
WP8. Dissemination and awareness raising
WP9. Monitoring and assessment of outputs

Project outputs:

Joint Action Plan for a research-driven cluster in the field of renewable energy sources, including methodological tools and a business plan for its implementation.

A report on best practices and trends in technological development for the renewable energy sector, as well as other mutual learning reports.

Mutual learning models and a methodological tool for a joint action plan and business plan.

4 project newsletters and various information publications for the professional public and households

Dissemination tools: 6 regional seminars, 2 international conferences and 2 study tours.

Study visit - Spain, Valladolid

Knowbridge Conference