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To increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of the TOKAJ region by making optimal use of all the potential of the region.


The TOKAJ region is unique in its wine production, which is sold almost everywhere. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that its production uses unique traditional technology. This technology has been developed for centuries by locals, their hands, and brains. This specific wine was produced in such a way that the local population used specific natural conditions (geological – occurrence of tuffs and soils formed on this mother substrate; specific microclimatic conditions – humidity from nearby rivers and wetlands). This is the fact why the TOKAJ region deserves to be unique – people, nature, region. People from the region, nature, culture and history are hidden, unknown, little presented and presented. Other products and services that are also developed in the past together with the traditional technology for the production of Tokaj wine are unknown. For the TOKAJ IS ONLY ONE project, this hiddenness, little knowledge and limited presentation of the region is a challenge to rediscover the uniqueness of nature, culture, history – and the people who created it all.

The main goal of the TOKAJ project IS ONLY ONE is to increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of the TOKAJ region by making optimal use of all the potential of the region. The offer for tourists will be expanded with revived traditional crafts, new services and their quality will increase. TOKAJ will become an exceptional destination for the development of tourism, for visitors and a good place to live.



Tokaj Wine Route Association (hereinafter referred to as the TWR Association)

Project partners:

Agency for Regional Development Support Košice, n. about.
Institute of Tourism, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne, Switzerland

Project duration:

02/2012 – 01/2015


Activity 1: Project preparation tool: Elaboration of professional documentation necessary for the elaboration of a comprehensive Final project proposal “THERE IS ONLY ONE”. The “Project Preparation Tool” activity was an essential activity to ensure that the activities in the final project proposal were precisely tailored to the Tokaj region. That the activities in the final project proposal are designed on the basis of the real potential of the Tokaj region.

Activity 2: “Investing in people” – educational program. The aim of the activity is to provide local people with the necessary education so that the created cross-sectoral partnership, which was established by the establishment of the TVC Association, acquires knowledge about group decision-making, the principles of effective cooperation, decision-making.

Activity 3: “What next in the TOKAJ region?” – Tourism development strategy, business plan and marketing plan. The aim of the activity is to develop a strategy for the development of tourism in the Tokaj region, to develop a business plan and on this basis to create a marketing plan.

Activity 4: Revival of traditional crafts – “Crafts also have a golden bottom in Tokaj” – training program – people in the TOKAJ region, their ancestors, also used other technologies, such as that for the production of Tokaj wine.

Activity 5: “No one will get lost in Tokaj” – Unified Navigation Information System in the Tokaj region – an established and well-functioning unified navigation information system in the TOKAJ region will facilitate the visitor’s access to the information he needs.

Activity 6: “Rekreopark na Tokaji for all” – Functional infrastructure for active recreation in the Tokaj region – a necessary need in the TOKAJ region and in general in Slovakia, it is necessary to create a functional infrastructure for active recreation for domestic and visitors.

Activity 7: “TOKAJ Cultural Region” – Tokaj and KOŠICE – European Capital of Culture (ECOC) 2013 and beyond – a better picture of opportunities to attract and attract visitors will emerge from the business plan and marketing plan.

Project outputs:

  • Improving the cooperation of tourism actors and wider involvement of local people in services in tourism
  • Extended range of services and products
  • Functional infrastructure for active recreation – cycle paths marked, with completed gazebos at rest areas
  • A functioning unified navigation and information system in the Tokaj region

Funded by:

Swiss-Slovak Cooperation Programme