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The Sunrise project is aimed at promoting and supporting the use of local resources in the municipalities of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine and the Košice region.

The main goal is to increase the level of development of the local economy by using endogenous resources (know-how, people) in the regions of Transcarpathia and Eastern Slovakia. The aim is to improve the use of endogenous resources (especially renewable energy sources, know-how, human resources) in the target regions and thus contribute to the economic growth of peripheral rural regions, increase employment and reduce the need to travel outside the locality, respectively. region.

The target groups include local authorities (state or self-governing); educational institutions and potential consumers and producers of biomass energy.

Project description:

The specific objectives of the project are:
1. To motivate local actors (entrepreneurs) to do business in the field of RES, making better use of human and natural resources in the region through the development of a pilot local non-profit company producing briquettes and pellets from available phytomass.
2. To improve knowledge and provide inspiration for local actors, as well as other inhabitants of the regions of Transcarpathia and Eastern Slovakia, in the field of small business using local endogenous resources.
3. Improving the exploitation of potential in people living in peripheral regions and by involving them in mechanisms by using their personal skills and ingenuity, also for the purpose of self-help and mutually beneficial production of solar energy devices.
4. Improve the availability and specificity of information on endogenous resources in the Transcarpathian region and the Košice region.


Lead partner: Agency for the support of regional development Košice
Partner 1: Association of Students-Economists of Zakarpattya (Асоціація студентів-економістів Закарпаття)
Partner 2: Chaslivtsi Village Council (Часлівецька сільська рада)
Partner 3: Pro Tornensis o. z.
Partner 4: Obec Malé Ozorovce



1A ProTornensis Briquette Production Line Certification – Thanks to a project funded by UNDP / GEF, the Pro Tornensis civic association was able to establish the first phase of a plant for the production of briquettes and pellets from local waste phytomass, aimed at improving employment, energy self-sufficiency, existing waste, and support for other non-profit activities of the association. This line is just before commissioning, the last condition for operation is the completion of the electrical connection. The production certificate will provide verified information about briquettes, while information such as on calorific value, potential negative effects of combustion on the installation and emissions.

1B Search, selection and elaboration of a suitable business plan using local resources in the foothills of Zemplín – specifically it will be an activity prepared within Malé Ozoroviec in the district of Trebišov, which develop several plans aimed at using a relatively large amount of waste biomass from agriculture and forestry there are both fields and forests), e.g. for heating municipal buildings, one of the objectives of which is to achieve significant savings, making it possible to obtain resources for further investments. Already in the near future, some facilities using biomass will be installed in the municipality and will be used (investment implemented outside the SUNRISE project). Due to the lack of capacity producing briquettes, respectively. pellets from waste biomass from agriculture, forestry, resp. maintenance of public greenery, the municipality is interested in creating a small municipal enterprise, which will cover the need for efficient use of biological waste from the cadastre, respectively. from the neighborhood, the need for quality fuel for local buildings and residents of the village (or surroundings) and the need to employ local people. The primary goal of a local (social) enterprise will not be to make a profit. The output will be a complete documentary processing of the existing plan, including the business plan, marketing strategy and technical details. The result will be an improved knowledge base for the further development of business plans at the local level within Eastern Slovakia.

1C Search, selection and elaboration of a suitable business plan using local resources in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine – it is a mirror activity, with the same structure and intentions, differences e.g. in the legislation they will be respected by the outputs themselves, which will also be the business plan, marketing strategy and and technical details. The result will be an improved knowledge base for further development of business plans at the local level within Transcarpathian Ukraine.


2A Information and training seminars will be organized to motivate participants to activities aimed at entrepreneurship using existing local resources in the countryside, which are mainly people, land, living organisms, energy from the sun, etc. Knowledge of business conditions, usable and available opportunities will be provided, while lecturers with the necessary knowledge, information on good working examples in other localities will be selected, but also able to motivate participants to take action and at least partially free them from ubiquitous skepticism. Output: 3 events organized in Slovakia and 3 events in Ukraine (duration approx. 6 hours), each event will be organized for 20 participants. Due to the continuing necessity of a long wait at the border, foreign overnight participants are also expected to spend the night. The result is an increased level and amount of knowledge and available information about business and potentials located directly in the territory.

2B The study visits are designed in part as a continuation of a similar activity carried out within the Bioenergy of the Carpathians project, in which a three-day study visit was organized with a positive response. The output of the SUNRISE project is two three-day trips for 20 participants from both countries, while the emphasis in choosing the places visited will be placed not only on renewable energy sources, but also on examples of business using natural and human resources for-profit and non-profit. As part of the trip, you will visit interesting places in the Košice and Prešov regions, or in northern Hungary. In the case of identifying interesting places in Transcarpathia, a trip within Ukraine is not excluded. The result: more accessible inspiration and increased motivation for new activities in the region.

Solar collectors:

3A, 3B The equipment of the workshop for the production of solar collectors within the Pro Tornensis in Turni nad Bodvou and within the municipality of Časlivci is intended to support the development of craftsmanship among ordinary people living in our regions. The workshop will host courses in the production of solar collectors, the construction of which was designed and tested by the civic association Pro Tornensis. The workshop will be set up on Pro Tornensis’s own premises (the association does not yet have its own machines) and on the premises of the village of Časlivci, where the activity will be replicated. For Tornensis, he declares his willingness and interest to provide his knowledge and procedures acquired so far to his partners in Ukraine, while (given that there are also many good ideas and skilled people in Ukraine) he does not resist new ideas and improvements. Both workshops (Ukraine and Slovakia) will be installed in their own, respectively. leased premises with an area of ​​approx. 100 m2, while no special requirements are imposed on the premises (only a sufficiently dimensioned electrical connection). The workshop will include machines in accordance with the tasks that must be performed during the production of the collector. Solar collectors manufactured and installed in the workshop will contribute to the energy self-sufficiency of the locals and bring savings. Based on surveys (carried out within the Bioenergy of the Carpathians project), a low number of entities engaged in the production of solar collectors and other renewable energy equipment (despite research capacities and existing solutions of individual products) was found, so the content of potential future business may be the production of collectors which may fill a gap in the market. An obstacle in business in this case is the complicated certification of the production of collectors intended for the market, but it is not an insurmountable obstacle.

3C Implementation of solar collector production courses in KSK and Zakarpattia – Workshops that can be equipped and functional within the SUNRISE project will be used as a space for solar collector production courses, and subsequently as a space that locals can use for other self-help production activities . Within the project, 12 three-day courses are planned, of which 6 in Ukraine and 6 in Slovakia. Each course will have about 5 participants, the output will be, in addition to the acquired knowledge (including technical diagrams) and the products themselves, which participants can install at home. The whole know-how is relatively simple, so it is assumed that the production and installation can be done by people from the target relatively easily. The result of this set of activities is acquired knowledge, inspiration for business, savings, higher self-sufficiency and better self-realization of local people.

Project duration:

Autumn 2013 – Autumn 2015

Funded by:

ENPI Hungary – Slovakia – Romania – Ukraine Cross – Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013