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The Smart Museum project, funded by the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 cross-border cooperation program, brings innovative solutions that will help museums to attract museum exhibits in KSK and increase their attendance.

Agency for Regional Development Support Košice, n. about. is involved in a new project focused on the use of modern technologies in museums.

In the Košice self-governing region, interactive elements will be added in three museums. The Museum and Cultural Center of South Zemplín in Trebišov will take visitors through the medieval history of the city in a multimedia way. For example, Parič Castle, whose original appearance has not been preserved, visitors will be able to see in a unique 3D visualization.

There is already one interactive exposition in the Zemplín Museum in Michalovce. Thanks to the Smart Museum project, special lighting for collection items, a virtual mirror, touch screens and instrument sound will be added. Thanks to the virtual mirror, the museum visitor can experience what he would look like, for example, in period clothing or folk costumes.

The last building, which will be enriched with innovative elements, will be the Dardanelles Mansion and Summer Palace in Markušovce. As part of the project, tablets will be purchased, on which a tailor-made application with bonus content, a virtual tour and an audio demonstration of the exhibited musical instruments will be installed. The project will also include the creation of a relaxation zone, in which the visitor can read bonus content about the exhibits or listen to the sounds of musical instruments. The exhibition will no longer be a quiet museum, but the visitor will also be able to hear the real sound of the instruments that are located here.