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The complex of the former tobacco factory on the Strojarenska street is to transform the Creative Center of Košice region, and thereby provide space for budding artists, creatives, art lovers, organizations and other actors in the cultural and creative industries.

The Interreg CINEMA project, the aim of which is to bring life back to neglected spaces in city centers, also contributes to the reconstruction, creation and later operation of the Creative Center. The next activity in the CINEMA project will be the organization of a hackathon – Remix the City.

Hackaton or a game called Remix the City is based on the concept of the Future City Game – a community-planning event whose main tools are brainstorming, collective communication, participatory planning and democratic decision-making.

The event has thoughtful analytical steps that lead to a synthesis of the search for a specific solution to a problem that is defined before the start of the game. The event takes place at the gaming tables, at each gaming table there is one representative from each, predefined group. In the case of Remix the City, these will be representatives of MACHINE, Tabačka (with the idea of a creative neighborhood), CIKE, ARR and KSK.

In the case of the Creative Center, the main topic is the setting of communication of communities, groups, organizations and institutions that are currently most involved in the creation of content and the future form of the Creative Center.

The game has ten rounds, which can be presented as three tool packs and a final vote. The first three rounds have a communicative role, harmonizing the common language and understanding one’s own roles and positions throughout the process.

The next three rounds are an analysis of the current state and brainstorming, the task of which is to generate several variants of solutions. The third three rounds take the form of a synthesis and the creation of one specific design for each table. The final round is a general vote in which the best solution for a given problem is chosen. Between rounds, there are several short presentations between all the tables to get feedback. An important aspect of the game is the generation of several proposals, thanks to which it is possible to create the most convenient solution in more detail after the game, return to earlier levels in the process and the like.

Remix the City is intended to serve as an introduction to other planning tools, in addition to finding a solution, its equally important aspect is unifying information for all groups, confirming legislative competencies and options and gaining an overview of the progress of other groups and communities.

The conclusions from this activity will be published on our website.