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Excessive production of waste, illegal landfills and waste in the wild have been a global problem for a long time. Currently, 322 million tons more plastic is produced than in 1950. Up to a tenth of this amount ends up in the sea as waste. However, the problem of plastic pollution does not only concern the oceans and seas – waste can also be found to a large extent in European rivers.

National Round Table

The National Round Table is an event within the Tid(y)Up project, focused on waste, waste in nature and its minimization. These are professional presentations on the topics of cleaning rivers from waste within the framework of volunteering, such as SVP, š.p. solves the problem of waste in rivers, but you can also learn about waste management in Slovakia and the problems of waste management in municipalities.


Ing. Eva Kolesárová (SVP) will present the topic of SVP, š.p. and dealing with waste in rivers
Peter Gallovič (E.P.A. spol. s.r.o. environmental consultancy) will give a lecture on the topic of Waste Management in Slovakia
Jana Nékyová (the company ENVI-CARE GR, s.r.o. environmental solutions) will talk about the problems of waste management in municipalities
Ladislav Stupák (Save Nature by Čivas) will talk about volunteers and waste collection

The second part of the program is focused on joint discussions and solving issues in the field of waste management. We will look at what we can do to reduce the amount of waste in nature.

Are you interested in the topic of waste? Come hear more and join the discussions at the national round table on October 11, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. in the East Slovak Museum in Košice.


Ladislav Stupák, Save Nature by Čivas

Participants of the regional round table meeting within the Tid(y)Up project

Discussion at the table

We believe that the ongoing cooperation will contribute to cleaner rivers (not only) in eastern Slovakia. We only have one environment to live in, so we hope that we will succeed in protecting it with our joint efforts.

Cover photo credits: Róbert Neméti

The Tid(y)Up project is an international environmental project led by the main partner from Hungary, where, in cooperation with other foreign partners, we try to reduce water pollution by plastics and in this way improve the water quality in the Tisa River (the Bodrog River is its tributary) and the lower section of the river Danube.

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