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The consequences of climate change have become already known on a global level for several decades.
Slowly but surely, we realize that climate change will not avoid us even here in the "heart of Europe". In order to make a good decision about what it would be appropriate and necessary to implement to do to adapt to the changing climate, or how to prevent it, in Slovakia, we have developed the "Adaptation Strategy of the Slovak Republic to Climate Change" since 2014, updated in 2018.

Climate change in Košice region

In the Košice region, forecasts predict a growth rate of the average annual temperature by 2 to 4°C until 2030. At the same time, an increase in the number of tropical days is also forecast, namely by 1 to 10 days per year, which represents up to a 70 percent increase compared to the present (an average of 15 tropical days per year). The estimates are not favorable even for the development of precipitation activity. In the Východoslovenská nížina (East Slovak Plain), which is most affected by drought, but also by floods, rainfall is expected to decrease by almost 15 percent.

Since 2020, we have had an “Adaptation Strategy for the Consequences of Climate Change in the Košice Region” in the Košice Region, which is developed as a regional “detail” of the national adaptation strategy, which, based on more detailed processing of inputs from various departments, goes up to the level of cadastres in the territory of the Košice Region municipalities (available interactive maps Climate change and its impact on the Košice region – VUCKE). The methodology of the Adaptation Strategy is currently used in the CLIMADAM project in developing the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of the Zakarpattia region in Ukraine.

National workshop

In connection with the issue of climate change, we are organizing a national workshop on Climate Change and how to proceed. The event is realized in close cooperation with the Košice Self-Governing Region with the financial support of the “Convention of Mayors of European Union Cities,” the Košice Self-Governing Region, and a project supported by EEA grants and the SR state budget (CLIMADAM project).

The national workshop “Climate change and what to do next?” aims to:

contribute to an overview of applicable methodologies in the development of adaptation strategies at the local and regional level
to obtain up-to-date information on the current adaptation processes in Slovakia, including the possibility of obtaining funds for the implementation of specific measures (Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic and Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic)
become familiar with the selected climate change adaptation strategies and the steps leading to their implementation at the regional level (Košice Region) and at the local level (Zvolen, Košice)

Other projects

In the Košice Region, we have been implementing the “Landscape Renewal Program” since 2018, which is our “green flagship”. So far, we have implemented almost 100 green measures aimed at retaining water in the country, protecting and restoring biodiversity. Local residents, who are not indifferent to the climate changes described above, have joined the “Water Councils” activities, which help to implement measures to improve the climate in villages and cities. A “Catalog of Green Measures” was developed, which briefly presents suitable revitalization measures for the inspiration of local residents.