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Legislative and environmental survey

Fresh international legislative and environmental survey has been published on surface water quality based on the recommendations of Austrian, Slovak, Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian organisations.

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The aim of the study

This niche document focuses on the waste phenomenon in the Danube and its tributaries, provides a comprehensive overview of the relevant sector-specific legislation and describes the competent organisations in each country.

The aim of the study is to highlight possible inefficient regulatory practices, the organisational structures of the sectors concerned and, where possible, to make recommendations for improvement.

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The Tid(y)Up project is an international environmental project led by a major partner from Hungary, where we work with other foreign partners to reduce plastic water pollution and thus improve water quality in the Tisza River (Bodrog is a tributary) and the lower reaches of the river. Danube. The project pays special attention to the detection and elimination of macroplastic deposits accumulated on the shore, microplastic contamination floating in the water and the dissemination of knowledge in this area.

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