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Conference on climate change

17 May 2023

In the Košice region, forecasts predict a growth rate of the average annual temperature by 2 to 4°C until 2030. At the same time, an increase in the number of tropical days is also forecast, namely by 1 to 10 days per year, which represents up to a 70 percent increase compared to the present (an average of 15 tropical days per year). The estimates are not favorable even for the development of precipitation activity. In the East Slovak Plain, which is most affected by drought, but also by floods, rainfall is expected to decrease by almost 15 percent.

In connection with the issue of climate change, we organized an event on the topic Climate change and what to do next? The event was realized in close cooperation with the Košice self-governing region with the financial support of the “Convention of Mayors of Cities of the European Union”, the Košice self-governing region and a project supported by EEA grants and the SR state budget (CLIMADAM project).

Conference on transport



Participants from the professional public, including representatives of cities and self-governing regions, appreciated the information received from transport experts from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The issue of traffic models in Slovakia was one of the topics of the event organized in cooperation with IDS Východ as part of the CLIMADAM project.

21 september 2022

Kick-off conference

In cooperation with Ukraine, the event discussed the issue of adaptation to climate change, mitigating its consequences from the global to the local level, and the issue of sustainable transport as a measure to mitigate climate change.

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