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Webinars for the secondary schools on the topics of the climate change

Interested in the topic of climate change? Are you indifferent to the fate of our planet? Now you have the opportunity to listen to a great lecture on the topic: Climate change, its impact and our activity.


  • Consequences of climate change in the world and in our region – justifications and examples of negative consequences of climate change.
  • Mitigation and adaptation measures – what needs to be done, what measures to implement in our surroundings, what anyone can do.45 and 90 minute versions are availableIt includes:
  • Presentation – facts and interesting facts, a bit of a stir (the younger you are, the more it concerns you).
  • Videos – we have made short videos, according to the motto “better to see once than to hear x times”, they show examples of adaptation measures.
  • Quizzes – for regular awakening of the auditorium.
  • Finally, a short competition for prices with a small carbon footprintWebinars are organised within the project Let´s Protect by Adaptation, managed in cooperation with Košice Self-Governing Region.

If interested, please contact: