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The importance of water for our climate

The climate of our planet has been changing for billions of years. It has changed significantly over the last 2.5 million years. Colder and warmer periods alternated. In recent decades, however, change has been relatively rapid and rapid. The adverse effects of current climate change are becoming increasingly significant.

If it warmed by up to 6 degrees, it would have a significant negative impact on the biosphere, food production but also drinking water sources and the health of the population.

video klimaticka zmena

As part of the OSA Project (Let’s Protect Ourselves by Adaptation) we have created an educational film about the importance of water.
With this film, we want to help spread information and knowledge about adaptation measures to climate change.
The film deals mainly with the issue of adaptation to climate change and at the same time provides more comprehensive information content on climate change, mitigation (mitigation) and adaptation.

What is the film about?
– indicates, in various examples, exposure to climate change
– provides information on climate change sensitivity (area characteristics)
– provides information on the impact of climate change

The most important part of the film is devoted to ways of reducing sensitivity and increasing adaptive capacity in various sectors (built-up area, agriculture, forestry, water management – flood protection and drought measures, etc.).

You can find the film in this article as well as on our youtube channel.