Climate change is often seen as a global irreversible phenomenon that we cannot influence at local and regional level. Although we are seeing increasingly frequent weather fluctuations and recognizing this dire situation, in most cases we do not know how to proceed to help alleviate this problem as individuals.

Our new project CLIMADAM, which was created within the framework of cross-border cooperation with Ukraine, responds to the issue of climate change and its mitigation. The project is aimed at strengthening Slovak-Ukrainian institutional cooperation.

The specificity of this project is that the elaboration of project outputs will be based on the bottom, (with the participation of stakeholders) and therefore the participatory processes of strategic planning also involve the general public. We believe that this approach will ensure that the proposed measures in the project output will be more effective and cheaper than in the case of “central and directive” planning.

The first steps in this project were started by an online kick-off meeting, which took place on January 27, 2021. In addition to ARR, our traditional partner KSR (Košice Self-governing Region) also took part in this project meeting. Project partners for Ukraine are the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, the Institute for the Development of the Carpathian Region and the Department of Urban Development and Architecture.

Main project activities

Adaptation strategy and its implementation at the regional level

The first project activity will be the development of a list of measures to reduce the human impact of climate change, preceded by the collection, visualization and analysis of data in the Transcarpathian region.

An analysis of the frequent causes of floods in the Roňava River, their effects on endangering property and human lives will also be made. In this step, biotechnical measures in the river basin will also be proposed, which will contribute to the revitalization of the environment in Uzhhorod. During this project activity we want to involve local citizens in the development and implementation of measures within the so-called “Water councils.”

The Water Council is a group of representatives of municipal, city, regional self-governments, state administration bodies, entrepreneurs, activists, volunteers and the public, whose task is to shape the vision of integrated water protection in individual districts of the region.

Sustainable transport for Uzhhorod while implementing Kosice Self-Governing Region experience

Another important activity will be the connection of public transport in the Transcarpathian region in Ukraine with the Integrated Public Transport in the Košice Region and the development of a transport model concept in Uzhhorod. An important output of this plan is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing individual transport so that people are motivated to use public transport instead of their cars.

Raising awarness of adaptation on climate change and its mitigation

In this activity, we want to increase the availability of information to the public on climate change, the need for measures to mitigate the negative impact of climate change and adaptation measures to expected climate change. Climate change requires a systemic approach by public institutions.

There is only one way we must go – to start the process of positive change in the management of our regions, their natural and human resources. We believe that this project will also help to mitigate the effects of climate change at regional level, but it requires the involvement of each and every one of us.

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