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Project Title: F(ol)low the Plastic from source to the sea: Tisa-Danube integrated action plan to eliminate plastic pollution of rivers

Financing: Interreg Danube Transnational Programme


Project Duration: 01.07.2020 – 31.12.2022


Project Main Objective: Despite the advanced waste management and ambitious recycling objectives of the EU, studies indicate the presence of plastic and microplastic pollution in rivers of CE. From a water quality perspective, it is a challenge to prevent this new threat. For this reason, Tid(y)Up project main objective is to reduce the plastic pollution and this way improving water quality of the Tisa and the lower section of the Danube River by:

- raising awareness of key actors and the public on this topic,
- improving cooperation among stakeholders and

- developing innovative tools for better water management.


Project Specific Objectives:

1.    Improved water quality by setting base for harmonised measurement protocols of micro- and macroplastic river pollution and fostering changes in legislation at local, national and regional level.
2.    Reduction of plastic waste in Tisa River and its tributaries with the involvement of local communities and decision makers by implementing, testing and evaluating transferable transnational actions.

3.    Reaching common awareness on plastic pollution in water bodies by disseminating the project’s results and triggering changes in the attitude of the target groups.


The novelty of the project is that it provides tools, data and the assessment of various used methodology for understanding of the sources, nature and risks of contamination flows; and delivers practical examples of possible actions and legislative solutions both on local and transnational level.


The key focus is to gather all necessary information, raise awareness of the relevant actors and provide them with practical tools in order to create active, co-operating communities in the fight against the plastic waste contamination and contribute to the work of water authorities to improve water quality by also providing input for the upcoming revision of The Danube River Basin District Management Plan.


Lead Partner: 

1. Society, Hungary (Termé Tudományos Filmműhely Egyesület)


Project Partners:

2.   Association of Environmental Enterprises, Hungary 

3.   Institute of Oceanology – Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria
4.   Asociatia Multisalva, Romania
5.   Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Austria
6.   Agentúra na podporu regionálneho rozvoja Košice, n.o., Slovakia
7.   General Directorate of Water Management, Hungary 
IPA II partners:
8.   Fakultet tehničkih nauka Novi Sad, Serbia
ENI partners:
9.   For the nature and environmental protection – PAPILIO, Ukraine
10. Agency of Regional Development Cross Border Cooperation “Transcarpathia” of Zakarpatska Oblast Council, Ukraine

Associated partners:
11. Serbian Environmental Protection Agency – SEPA, Serbia
12. Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe, Slovakia
13. SLOVAK WATER MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE state enterprise, Slovakia
14. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary 
15. North Hungarian Water Directorate, Hungary 
16. Upper Tisza Regional Water Directorate, Hungary 
17. International Comission for the Protection of the Danube River – ICPDR, Austria
18. Centre "EcoResource", Ukraine
19. Public Organisation Ekosphera, Ukraine
20. Danube River Basin Directorate, Bulgaria

21. Satu Mare County Administrative-Territorial Unit, Romania



Project webpage: Tid(y)Up
The project is co-funded by European Union Funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI).