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How to get the Energy from local sources

In Turna nad Bodvou was held on 23.3.2012 another meeting of producers of RES technologies and potential consumers.


In Turna nad Bodvou was held another meeting of producers of RES technologies and potential consumers. The organizers from the Agency for the Support of Regional Development Košice were pleased by the special interest from the Ukraine. Iryna Shchoka, a manager of Agency for Regional Development and Cross Border Co-operation “Transcarpathia”, brought for the meeting a really large group of people - businessmen, members of the provincial administrations Zakarpathya and media representatives. Overall, in the pension Reva were participated 27 representatives. On Friday 23rd March 2012, below the Castle Turna, participants were welcomed by warm, almost summer weather which symbolised the idea that from this kind of energy we can gain a lot in the future.

Mr. Ladislav Bartok, a president of PRO TORNESIS association, introduced practical and simple collectors for water heating. They are used in the association areas from spring to late autumn, and they made it literally "at home at the knee." They are made from available materials such as wood, glass and pipes. Price did not exceed 70 Euro per square meter. He also prepared comprehensible roughcast and the scheme of the assembly. A similar device may be easily to construct by each skilled home handyman, a gardener, an owner of the house. His reward will be a seasonal increase of hot water, which reaches over 70 degrees C. It can be easily collect in domestic boilers or to leave it circulated using a small circulating pump to heat the water in a garden pool.

Presentation by Mr Holodnyaka was interested because it shows that people in Ukraine have interest in trying to put renewable energy into practice. He invested considerable funds into the production line of molded briquettes from biomass. They produce three types of briquettes, which are packaged in foil, to get it to the consumers perfectly dry. The best pellets are with the water content of only around 5%. Burning and combustion takes long time, providing sufficient heat and minimum waste. The operation of the pellet press is still underway, but in the future they are planning to get several tons of briquettes from biomass daily. They do not have fear from the sale, because each consumer will quickly understand the advantages of easy availability, storage life, lifetime and yield of this energy source.

How can be modified and modernized the heating facilities of the municipality was presented by Mr. Igor Petrík, the mayor from Margecany in his very interesting lecture. He talked about how they decided to change the outdated heating system of the general office buildings and cultural center in their municipality. The heat in the municipality was previously obtained from a central boiler operated at gas supply and run by a private company. The heat loss and thus the costs have increased disproportionately from year to year. They used funds from the European Union for the implementation of new biomass boiler. The part of the project implementation beside of a new boiler at the municipal office building was also insulation, so that the building comprehensively addresses the issue of heating systems for many years, during which expended fund will not only return, but will bring significant cost savings.
Operation and boiler maintenance is simple, all processes can be controlled via computer and also by phone. Currently as fuel are used more expensive pellets for start up the device to find out all mistakes, but the boiler can also burn wood chips. The first self-heating season confirmed that they made a really good step, which they can happily recommend to others. The boiler is designed for much more than just to heat the municipal office and cinema. It is possible to divide its power up to 7 independently managed branches. The device is suitable for schools, retirement homes and etc.

After all presentations, Mr. Ladislav Bartók accompanied all participants of the meeting at a study visit of the municipality buildings. He showed them a PRO TORNESIS Association, where is processed biomaterial, than participants of the meeting saw the collectors for hot water and also the line for production of briquettes from biomass. The municipality of Turna can be a good example of how to deal with renewable energy. The municipality boiler at a local school, which heats the surrounding blocks of flats works on burning wood chips. During our study visit, we have witnessed charging chip. The experts from our study visit group could not miss the opportunity to check a humidity of chips. They were satisfied with the quality of the source from which the chips come to the municipality of Turna from.

The meeting full of interesting suggestions and information was coming to its conclusion. Satisfaction on all sides - this could be the name of the feelings of all participants who did not hide their impressions. Several of them expressed an interest to visit the municipality of Margecany in the future, to see on their own eyes how to make STOP to long-term losses and get on the path of rationality.

The organizers of the meeting in the frame of the project Bioenergy of the Carpathians will consider this request and they will inform the participants of this course about the location of the next meeting. We are looking forward to next meeting.