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Game aimed to simulating of social bussiness

New Social entrepreneurship game ready for downloading

L€ARN game is designed as educating game, aimed to social entrepreneurship.

The game is designed in the same way as classical games. The game logic is implemented in a way that allows people to learn, meaning learn to trade and mostly learn to trade as a social entrepreneur. The concept of the game is based on the “Tamagotchi”, since the main point is of the game is for people to take care about their company and to complete daily tasks, which will be adjusted to cases of social entrepreneurships.

In the game, you can choose from two game modes. The gameplay is located in a 2D company/building and the player will be therefore able to expand the company by building and by decorating offices, to ‘buy’ items in the game shop or to generally improve the company in some ways. 

Expanding the office is possible by expanding the offices horizontally or vertically. The player have to fulfill daily various tasks that are going to be connected to their company, such as choosing the right project or contracts, interacting with employees and similar. There is a company dashboard available, wich enable to monitor their cashflow, added value they are creating for the community and other metrics as well. 

Game is strictly a local single player. Players will llearn about and familiarize with social entrepreneurship. As for platforms, the game is released on two main mobile platforms – Android and iOS.